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5 Reasons Why Hemp Clothing Is Better Than Cotton Clothing.

5 Reasons Why Hemp Clothing Is Better Than Cotton Clothing.

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If you’ve been following our blogs then you probably know by now that hemp clothing has many benefits compared to cotton clothing. These benefits are a great reason to look at hemp clothing as a substitution for cotton clothing. Today we will take a look at 5 of the best benefits that hemp clothing offers compared to cotton clothing.


1. Comfortability and strength.

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Hemp clothing is made up of hemp fibers. These fibers are a lot stronger than cotton fibers. The only difference is that the cotton fibers are softer than the hemp fibers. This results in cotton clothing being more comfortable. However, hemp clothing offers the ability to get softer after every wash. Cotton has the same feature but the problem with cotton is that the cotton fibers break down more easily to the point that they reach a ragged stage. Because the hemp fibers are a lot stronger, you can wash the hemp clothing as much as you like but they will keep their sturdiness. Hemp even has a tensile strength of 3 to 4 times that of cotton. So endurance wise hemp is also the clear winner.

The best option to reach maximum comfortability and strength is to combine the two fibers. Hemp clothing mixed with cotton clothing gives the comfortability benefits of cotton and the strength of hemp. The only problem here is that you kind of undo the sustainability benefits that hemp has because you use cotton. But don’t worry because there is also a solution to this problem. The combination of organic cotton with hemp makes sure that all the benefits are kept in the process of making these clothing.


2. Hemp is resistant to UV rays.

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The hemp fibers offer another great benefit. Hemp fibers offer the ability to block damaging sun rays. And this is not all. The thread count in hemp clothing is really high which means the clothing is very tightly woven. This results in the fact that hemp clothing blocks almost all the UV rays, a benefit that cotton clothing doesn’t offer. Hemp is actually the most resistant natural fiber to ultraviolet light. If you compare hemp clothing to cotton clothing, hemp clothing blocks more than 50% of the UV rays compared to cotton clothing. The result of this benefit is that you are naturally protected from things like skin cancer.


3. Hemp breathes very well.

Sweat is a very natural thing but it also results in nasty odors and sweat stains. Once again hemp comes to the rescue. The interwoven hemp fibers allow more air to pass through the material. This ensures that hemp clothing is very breathable. Because of this porous personality that allows it to breathe more easily, hemp clothes will keep you cooler in the summer. Hemp also offers the same abilities as bamboo and wool clothing, it keeps you warmer in cooler weather. The result is clothing that reduces sweat and is a natural insulation for your body in both the winter and the summer.


4. Hemp clothing keeps the color.

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Everyone knows that cotton clothing has the side effect of losing color after a while. You buy a piece of clothing with beautiful colors and after a while, you notice that the color loses its touch. Hemp doesn’t have this problem. Because hemp is more water-absorbent than cotton, it will retain dye’s a lot better than other fabrics. This means you can buy a piece of hemp clothing in the color you like and you won’t have to worry that it is going to fade over time.   


5. Much more sustainable.

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The final big benefit of hemp clothing is of course its major sustainability benefits. We wrote a few extensive articles about the benefits of hemp which you can find on this website. We will tell you a few of the main sustainability benefits that hemp clothing offers compared to cotton.

First of all the fact that hemp is carbon negative. Hemp absorbs more Co2 from the atmosphere than it needs to grow. This number is around x1,5. So 1 ton of hemp absorbs around 1.5 tons of Co2 from the atmosphere.

Secondly, hemp only needs around half the amount of land compared to cotton. Another fun thing to add is the fact that hemp only needs 1 acre and 3 months to produce the same amount of pulp compared to a tree that needs around 4 acres and 20 years. Not really clothing-related, but it’s always fun to learn new things.

Thirdly, where cotton needs around 10.000 liters of water to produce around 1 kg of clothing fabrics, hemp only needs around 2.719 liters to producere the same amount of clothing fabrics. So hemp saves a lot of water compared to cotton.

Lastly, hemp needs no pesticides to grow. Hemp is considered a weed because it can grow almost everywhere. Cotton on the other hand is only grown on 2.5% of the planet’s agricultural land but accounts for around 16% of all insecticides used in the world.

There are a lot of other sustainability benefits of hemp clothing but we won’t go into much detail right now. You can find more of these benefits on our website.


There you have it. These are 5 of the best benefits of hemp clothing with a comparison to cotton clothing. We hope you learned something new today and that we gave you a better understanding of what hemp clothing has to offer. We also hope that when you buy a new hoodie or T-shirt, you will give a second thought to that old-fashioned perspective many people have and make a switch to something that was made from hemp. We wish you a good day and hope to see you more often around on our website.

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